The Club

The Club

The Club is a candid documentary film exploring the lives of several women across the world who lost their mothers in their formative years, and the impact this loss has had on the unconventional lives they've made for themselves and ultimately the women they've become.

Chronicling the stories of four women from a range of different backgrounds, at varying stages of their lives who are all still identifying their own paths and how their mother's absence has and continues to play a role in their lives. The gracious contributions of Rosie O'Donnell, Molly Shannon and NY Times Bestselling author of Motherless Daughters, Hope Edelman, also demonstrates the gravitas of this subject matter.

From the heart of Sao Paulo, Brazil to the bustling streets of New York City; the seemingly idyllic Calabasas, California to the hot and sweaty Deep South, all the way across to the alternative hub of Bristol England; this film is an eclectic patchwork of personal stories woven together with rich archival footage to give theirexperiences context and the film a strong sense of intimacy and nostalgia. As women who lost their mothers during childhood, the filmmakers will offer a unique approach and a sense of authenticity that aims to be an honest yet hopeful depiction of the long-term impacts of early mother loss.

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