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Alaskan Eskimo Series

Alaskan Eskimo Series

An eight-part series produced by Sarah Elder and Leonard Kamerling
color, 311 mins, 1972-1988

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Filmmakers Sarah Elder and Len Kamerling produced these films jointly with village councils. Since 1974, the Alaska Native Heritage Film Project has pioneered a community-based approach to producing cultural films in which the film's subjects play a central role in determining the production's themes and direction. The goal of this approach is to produce documentary films that are closer to the perspectives and priorities of the indigenous and minority people they represent. This technique was developed to ensure authentic Alaskan Eskimo material and point of view. Each of the communities represented helped to decide the direction and content of the films.

Films from the Alaskan Eskimo series:
At the Time of Whaling
The Drums of Winter
From the First People
In Iirgus Time
Joe Sun
On the Spring Ice
Reindeer Thief

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