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An Argument About a Marriage

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From the !Kung series
by John Marshall
color, 18 min, 1969

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In 1958, with assistance from the Marshalls, a group of Ju/'hoansi returned home to Nyae Nyae after several years as unpaid, captive laborers on a farm. One woman, whose husband had escaped the farm and left her behind, had a child with another man. Upon the group's return to Nyae Nyae, an angry argument broke out over the matter.

An Argument About a Marriage raises questions about the impact of European farms on the economic and the social life of the Ju/'hoansi; about the complexities of marriage rules and bride-service in their traditional kinship system; and about the nature of conflict and its mediation among the Ju/'hoansi. Despite the interpersonal anger, we see how ≠oma's skillful intervention prevents this particular conflict from escalating to violence.

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