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Ashanika Villages

From the Video in the Villages collection

About Ashanika Villages
Made by indigenous filmmakers, these inventive videos document a range of development projects, beliefs and cultural practices in indigenous communities of Acre, Brazil. We see how contemporary people have maintained some traditional practices and adopted new ones in these dynamic and diverse cultures.

About the Video in the Villages collection
For over 14 years, the Video in the Villages' project has encouraged the encounter of the Indians with their images. The project's proposal is to turn video into a tool that will enable the expression of their identity, reflecting their vision about themselves and about the world.

While providing the indigenous communities with video equipment, the project has stimulated image and information exchange among the nations. Initially the training of Indian video-makers was done village-by-village, providing records for their own use. Today, through national and regional workshops, they learn and discuss together ways to present their reality, for their own people and for the world. The documentaries develop issues that are considered important by their communities. The project's collection includes a series of documentaries produced by the team of trainers and by indigenous video-makers.

films in the Ashanika Villages series:
Imbé Gikegü, The Scent of Pequi Fruit
New Era
Iauaretê, Waterfall of the Jaguars
Kiarãsâ Yõ Sâty, The Agouti's Peanut

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