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The Bharvad Predicament

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by Roger Sandall and Jayasinhji Jhala
color, 50 min, 1987

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Bharvad cattle herdsmen have been nomadic pastorlalists for centuries. This film presents the conflict that has arisen between the local, landholding Kanbi farmers and the Bharvad in Dhrangadhra, western India. They are in the midst of a particularly dry season and competition for the available land and water resources has escalated producing a state of tension between the farmers and the herdsmen. The farmers appear to be supported by the government while the Bharvad are tolerated as a quaint but relatively unimportant political entity. The history of the relationship between the farmers and the pastoralists is reviewed in depth and both points of view are represented. This film clearly demonstrates the influences that geography, natural resources and governmental policies have on the survival of particular ethnic groups and cultures.

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