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Changa Revisited

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by Peter Biella and Leonard Kamerling
color, 61 min, 2016
in Maasai
with English and Spanish subtitles


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Changa Revisited is the story of Tanzania Maasai elder Toreto ole Koisenge and his family, seen from two points in time across a thirty year divide.

Toreto's life has drastically changed since anthropologist / filmmaker Peter Biella first visited his homestead three decades ago. Then, Toreto's family had six hundred cattle. Now starvation and disease have reduced the herd to twenty. For Maasai pastoralists, the world has grown smaller since the Tanzanian government forced them to give up their seasonal cattle migrations and live in permanent villages. "The world is upside-down," says Toreto. "What else can you do except change?"

The film draws on hundreds of photographs and audio recordings made in 1980 by Peter Biella and Richard Cross. These images and sounds, woven with contemporary video footage, create a deeply personal portrait of a family's life unfolding through three decades of tumultuous change.

“A beautiful, heart-rending unfolding of a man's life and how it affects and alters the life around him. What is perfectly conveyed is how larger "social forces" push at, sway and block him, and yet, amid which he is clearly also responsible for how he lives. The film doesn't presume to provide an "answer". These are people whose lives, and life together, even as solidarity has failed, are respected by the film.” — Katherine McNamara, Publisher, Artist's Proof Editions

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