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Evolution of Violence

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by Fritz Ofner
color, 77 min, 2011
English, Spanish, German subtitles


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Evolution of Violence asks how violence becomes interwoven into the fabric of a society. Profiles and interviews reveal how individual lives are shaped by ongoing atrocities. Journalists wait to report on the next murder victim, a social worker helps the relatives of women who have been killed, former rebels mourn their comrades, and a war criminal has nightmares about all the things he's done.

While offering a profile of the ongoing violence in today's society, the film looks to historical events — told through the use of archival footage — from Guatemala's colonial history and place in the global banana trade, to the roots of its 36-year civil war, to try to understand how a culture of violence is created.

Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
Nominee, Austrian Film Prize for "Best Documentary", 2012
Nominee, Silver Eye Award, East Silver Doc Market, Czech Republic, 2011
Official Critic's Week Selection, 64th Festival del Film Locarno, Switzerland, 2010
In Between the Seas Competition, Jihlava, 2011
HumanDOC International Film Festival, Poland, 2013
Intimate Lens Ethnographic Film Festival, Italy, 2013
Internationales Film Festival, Innsbruck, 2012
Open City Docs Festival, London, 2012
Document 10, Glasgow, 2012
Mar del Plata Film Festival, 2012
Muestra de Cine Europeo, Segovia, 2011
This Human World, Wien, 2011
FIPATEL - Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels, Paris, 2011
Diagonale, Graz, 2011
DocuDays, Kiev, 2011
Al Jazeera Documentary Film Festival, Qatar, 2011
Muestra de Cine Internacional, 2012

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