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Ákos Östör

Ákos Östör

Ákos Östör is an anthropologist, filmmaker and author. While at Harvard University in the 1970s and '80s he made two films in collaboration with Robert Gardner and two with Allen Moore. Since then he has been working closely with Lina Fruzzetti (of Brown University) as his primary collaborator, codirecting several more. The films Östör and Fruzzetti create together are marked by a high degree of collaboration with the people they film and colleagues in the field (among them Amandina Lihamba) as well as other filmmakers Steven Ross, Alfred Guzzetti and Shawn Hainsworth. Currently, Östör teaches anthropology and film studies at Wesleyan University, where he has been since 1988.

Films Available at DER
Pleasing God Series
Loving Krishna
Serpent Mother
Sons of Shiva
Forest of Bliss
Seed and Earth
Khalfan and Zanzibar
Fishers of Dar
Singing Pictures
Songs of a Sorrowful Man
In My Mother's House

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