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Nina Hasin

Nina Hasin has been an editor and independent filmmaker since 1980, specializing in projects with arts-related themes. She has studied with documentary filmmaker Richard Leacock at the MIT Film/Video Section and assisted editor Ralph Rosenblum (Annie Hall, The Pawnbroker, The Producers) at the Maine International Film/Video Workshops. Hasin's short films and poetry videos have been screened internationally and received numerous awards at established film festivals including the Chicago, San Francisco and New England Film Festivals, the New York Independent Film & Video Expo, and the Columbus International Film Festival. She received a NEA Regional Film/Video Fellowship to make the award-winning poetry video, American Rhapsody. A long love affair with Mexico led Hasin to a five month stint volunteering at the Indigenous Video Center in Oaxaca, where she helped shoot and edit indigenous-based productions and where she first encountered the dancing chickens. She is currently a free-lance editor in Boston, MA and project director for The Visiting Mexican Artists Program: The Dancing Chickens of Ventura Fabian, a touring arts education program.

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