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Roderick Coover

Roderick Coover

Roderick Coover is a documentary filmmaker and a pioneer of interactive documentary arts whose works include Cultures in Webs (Eastgate Systems), The Theory of Time Here (Video Data Bank), The Language of Wine: An Anthropology of Work, Wine and the Sense, Unknown Territories, Three Rails Live and others as well as print publications such as Switching Codes: Thinking Through Digital Technology In The Humanities and Arts (Chicago). His works have been exhibited internationally at locations such as SIGGRAPH, Philadelphia International Film Festival, and Documenta Madrid.

Professor Coover has received awards from USIS-Fulbight, a LEF Foundation, the Chicago Group on Modern France, and the Mellon Foundation, among others. He lives in Philadelphia, where he is Director of the Graduate Program in Film and Media Arts at Temple University and a founding Director of the Graduate Certificate Program in Documentary Arts and Ethnographic Practice.

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From Vérité to Virtual: Conversations On The Frontier Of Film And Anthropology

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