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Sandeep Bhusan Ray

Sandeep Bhusan Ray

Sandeep Ray was raised in Malaysia, India and the United States and studied filmmaking at Hampshire College and then served a multi-year apprenticeship with ethnographic filmmaker John Marshall. His documentaries include Leaving Bakul Bagan (1994), Miyah: The Life of a Javanese Woman (1999), A Trial in East Kalimantan (2000), and In the Aftermath of Peace (2010).

Sandeep has an MA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and is completing a doctoral dissertation in the History department at the National University of Singapore.

The Sound Of Old Rooms (2012) is his first feature length film. More information is available at:

Films Available at DER
A Trial in East Kalimantan: The Benoaq Dayak Resistance
Leaving Bakul Bagan
A Trial in East Kalimantan

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