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Free-For-All In Sararé

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From the Conflicts in the Amazon series in the Video in the Villages collection
By Vincent Carelli, Maurizio Longobardi, Virgínia Valadão
color, 27 min, 1992

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More than six thousand gold and mineral prospectors have invaded the Nambiquara reserve of Sararé, Brazil, while loggers raid the area's mahogany rich forests. Only pressure from the World Bank, with whom the government of Mato Grosso is negotiating a loan, promises to bring an end to the gross environmental degradation. The government gives the prospectors 60 days to leave the area; the situation becomes increasingly tense as the state police are brought in to evacuate. Poor and desperate for a livelihood, the prospectors don't believe in the Indians' right to have a reservation, asking, "What are they going to do with all that land?"

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