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Friends, Fools, Family: Rouch's Collaborators in Niger

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by Berit Madsen and Anne Mette Jørgensen
color, 59 min + bonus material, 2007

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Jean Rouch is known to many worldwide as a French anthropologist and innovative filmmaker. Much of his work is linked to the birth of cinéma vérité. However, Rouch's fifty-year involvement with a particular group of people in Niger shines a more personal light on his work - one of friendship and collaboration. Together with this group, Rouch made numerous ethnographic films and developed their own cinematographic style. These films have been termed 'ethno-fictions.'

In 2003, two Danish anthropologists and filmmakers went to Niger to make a film with Rouch's friends. Their film was going to be an exploration of the methods of the group. It became a story about how this unique collaboration came to change the lives of both the filmmaker and his friends.

This DVD also contains a 15 minute clip of Rouch's friend and collaborator Damouré talking about the film Jaguar.

Visit the Jean Rouch tribute website.

Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
Festival dei Popoli, Firenze, Italy, 2004 (screening of work in progress)
24th Ethnographic Film Panorama, Bilan du film ethnographique 2005, Paris, France, 2005 - presented in the Bilan catalogue/website as 'Damouré, Moussa and Tallou. Rouch's Family of Bandits in Niger' (previous title of the film)
7th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival - 'Images of the 21st Century,' Thessaloniki, Greece, 2005
'World Film' - Tartu Festival of Visual culture, 2005, Tartu, Estonia, 2005
The 25th Nordic Anthropological Film Festival (NAFA), Stockholm, Sweden, 2005
Freiburg Film Festival 2005, Freiburg, Germany, 2005 (special Rouch seminar)
Beeld voor Beeld, Festival of Visual Anthropology, Amsterdam, The Nederlands, 2005
9th RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film, 2005
5th Annual Festival of Visual Culture, Joensuu Finland, 2005
25th Amiens International Film Festival, 2005
Montreal Ethnographic Film Festival, Montreal, Canada, 2006
16th African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival, Milan, Italy, 2006
8th Astra Film Fest, Romania, 2006
3rd Moscow International Visual Anthropology Film Festival and Conference, 2006
Dialektus Festival - European Documentary and Anthropological Film Festival, Budapest, Hungary, 2007
VIDOVIN Open Festival of Ethnographic and Documentary Film 'From The Periphery,' Tolmin, Slovenia, 2007
XVI International Festival of Ethnological Film, Belgrade, 2007
Society for Visual Anthropology/American Anthropological Association Conference, San Francisco, 2008
Competitive Film Showcase official selection,, Brasil, 2008
African Studies Association Annual Meeting, 2008
Cinema Verite Iran International Documentary Film Festival, Tehran, 2008
Delhi International Ethnographic Film Festival, India, 2008

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