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The Girl Next Door

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by Christine Fugate
color, 82 min, 2000

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In 1995, Oklahoma housewife Stacy Baker posed for a photograph that changed her life. Encouraged by her husband to pose nude for a contest, she was soon gracing the cover of Hustler and accepting offers to perform in X-rated films. Finding liberation through breast implants and her new career, she files for divorce and becomes "Stacy Valentine." Award-winning filmmaker Christine Fugate spent two years documenting Valentine's rise to fame in the adult film industry, as well as her quest to find real love and happiness. The camera follows the actress through her daily grind: the tedious production days, unforeseen crises on the set, industry gossip circles, and frequent trips to the plastic surgeon. Eventually, Stacy Valentine earns the title of "Best American Starlet."

Unlike her persona on the big screen, Stacy allows the filmmaker to witness her vulnerable side. Stacy's self-confident ambition and fierce independence gradually give way to signs of insecurity, cynicism and loneliness. An entertaining and humanizing portrait, The Girl Next Door allows us to experience the world of pornography through the eyes of one of its hardworking employees.

Of interest to Gender Studies, the Anthropology of Work, Psychology, and Women's Studies

"...shocking and educational...well made film." —Hollywood Reporter
"Girl Next Door is frequently hilarious and humanizing look at the trials and tribulations of porn star Stacy Valentine." —Box Office Mag
"...director Fugate does an amazing job bringing heart to a Heartbreaking story..." —San Diego Tribune
"One of the best films of the year, should be a contender for best doc of the year..." —Movie Reivews.Org
"Fascinating documentary that goes from humorous to brutally honest." —Detour Mag

Featured in major film festivals across North America including Slamdance, Tokyo, London and Toronto and screened in over 50 major theatrical markets.

Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
Slamdance Film Festival, 1999
Dallas Video Festival, 1999
Hot Springs Documentary Festival, 1999
Santa Barbara Film Festival, 1999
Maryland Film Festival, 2000
4th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, Korea, 2000
Beck's Incredible Film Festival, 2001
Louisville Film & Video Festival, 2002

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