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Hosay Trinidad

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by John Bishop and Frank J. Korom
color, 45 min, 1999

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Hosay Trinidad is an ethnographic film about the observance of Shi'ite Muharram rites on the island of Trinidad. It looks at this visually and aurally stunning occasion through a number of different lenses and will be of interest to anyone who is engaged with the role that performances, religious observances and rituals play in the presentation of self and other in public as well as private settings. The film will be useful in the classroom for instruction on ethnicity, diaspora, creolization, cultural pluralism, and Caribbean studies.

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Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
Intimate Lens: Festival of Visual Ethnography, Italy, 2012
University of Texas Festival of Ethnographic Film, April 2001
Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival, May 2000
Berlin Documentary Film Festival, May 2000
Third Biennial Conference on Iranian Studies Film Festival, May 2000
School of American Research Anthropology Colloquium, August 2000
Royal Anthropological Institute Film Festival, December 2000
annual meeting of the American Folklore Society, Memphis, October 1999
Vitas Folklore Film Festival, 1999
winner of UCLA's annual VITAS Film Festival, March 1999
Society of Visual Anthropology Film Festival, 1998
American AnthropologicalAssociation, Philadelphia, December 1998
annual meeting of the Middle East Studies Association, Chicago, December 1998

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