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Imbé Gikegü, The Scent of Pequi Fruit

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From the Ashaninka Villages series in the Video in the Villages collection
By Takumã and Maricá Kuikuro
color, 36 min, 2006

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As the dry season comes to an end, it's the time of merriment in the Alto Xingu. The smell of the damp earth is mixed with the sweet perfume of pequi, and Kuikuro filmmakers give us a re-enactment of the story of the fruit. Pequi, with its sexual and reproductive symbolic meanings, used to belong to the alligator, but a man named Marika killed him out of jealousy when he found out that his wives have been unfaithful to him, and the hummingbird is now in charge of the pequi. The video interweaves this story with the celebration of the Hugagu festival, which involves singing, dancing, and the making of wooden bird sculptures, as well as explanations of the importance of pequi. The Scent of Pequi Fruit shows a Kuikuro attitude about sexuality that is frank and playful.

Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
Best Short Award Terres En Vues/Land InSIGHTS Montreal First Peoples' Festival, 2007
Green Wave 21st Century European Environment Festival, Bulgaria, 2007
Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival, 2007

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