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In Pursuit of Lost Time

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by Ozcan Arca
color, 50 min, 1999

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This is a documentary about the shipwreck excavations along the Agean-Mediterranean coasts and the foundation of Nautical Archaeology in Turkey, after the initial discovery of the shipwrecks by the sponge divers of Bodrum.

In excavating a shipwreck, underwater archaeologists travel back in time. Preserved in these ships is the knowledge of ancient civilizations and cultures. The institute of Nautical Archaeology - INA has fully excavated four shipwrecks in Turkey since the 1960's, including the 3,300 year old Canaanite wreck which was brought to the surface at Uluburun. Excavation of this ship took 11 years between 1982 - 1993.

The film depicts the passion & adventures of modern underwater archaeologists during 1996 - 1998 including an excavation directed by Dr. Freiderick M Hocker to the 1100 year old Byzantine shipwreck in Bozburun. We also see historical underwater footage shot in the 1960's.

Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
Best Film on Excavations, ICRONOS, International Archaeological Film Festival of Bordeaux France, 2000
Screened Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 2001
3rd Archaeology Film Biennal, Toulouse, France 2001
3rd Istanbul International Archaeology Film Festival, Turkey, 2000
Bodrum International Environmental Film Festival, Turkey, 1999
4th Boston Turkish Festival, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, TACS

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