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Java Jive

by David Ozier, Selwyn Jacob
color, 27 min, 2000

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"Hot as hell, strong as sin, and black as the devil". However you take it-or even if you don't-coffee has a special status in society. Fast-paced and lively, Java Jive explores the vitality of cafe culture, the conditions of coffee production and the links between the two.

Traveling through Latin American coffee plantations, the NY Coffee Exchange, espresso-making and the old-fashioned coffee house now being taken over by corporate chains and franchises, the film mixes the serious with the silly, the entertaining with the informative. Java Jive is a caffeinated journey into a surprisingly complex world that is part stimulant, part ritual, part fun and all business.

Recommended for Cultural Studies, Communication, Western/American Culture/ Latin American Studies, Economics/World Economy/US Economy

Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
Honorable Mention at the 47th Columbus International Film & Video Festival
Latin American Studies Association, selection September 2001

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