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J.B. Jackson and the American Landscape

Produced by Janet Mendelsohn
color, 103 min with 57 min of extras, 2015
in English



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J.B. Jackson and The American Landscape , a comprehensive compilation DVD, highlights the pioneering work and lively personality of John Brinckerhoff (J.B.) Jackson, considered by many to be the father of landscape studies in the United States. It includes two significant documentaries:

Figure in a Landscape: A Conversation with J.B. Jackson launch preview watch a preview
45 min, 1988, Produced by Claire Marino and Janet Mendelsohn
Figure in a Landscape explores the origin of Jackson's ideas and animates them with a rich visual vocabulary. Through Jackson's eyes, familiar features of the landscape, such as the front lawn, the shopping mall, and the trailer park, are brought to life. The film presents his radical ideas that inspired a generation of architects, landscape architects and historians.

J.B. Jackson and The Love of Everyday Places launch preview watch a preview
58 min, 1989, Produced by Bob Calo
Filmmaker Bob Calo goes on the road with Jackson as he explores key places in the Southwest from Chaco Canyon to Denver. The style of the film is inspired by Jackson's own approach: informal, anecdotal, and accessible. It offers a look into the mind and working methods of a truly unique interpreter of American life.


  • • A portfolio of Jackson's drawings, watercolors and teaching slides
  • • Interviews with scholars and artists who discuss the impact of Jackson's ideas and his continued relevance today

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Book: Drawn to Landscape: The Pioneering Work of J.B. Jackson
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