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Joseph Doutaz & Olivier Veuve, Shingle-makers

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From the Wood Crafts series
by Jacqueline Veuve
color, 29 min, 1989

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The "tavillonneur" or shingle-maker cuts out and fits shingles or wood tiles into place. Shingles (called "tavillons" in Switzerland), are one of the oldest methods of roofing or covering an outside wall. There are no longer any official apprenticeships.

The film follows two shingle-makers, Joseph Doutaz and Olivier Veuve, who have very different techniques of cutting and placing their shingles. Joseph Doutaz uses only the traditional "tavillons" while Olivier Veuve works with these, as well as with "anseilles," larger and thicker wood tiles. We see both men at work in Winter and in Summer, and see some of their finished buildings.

"It's well known: Jacqueline Veuve the filmmaker, is making a series of films on woodwork trades in order to fix the movements and the words of artisans in everyone's memory. Joseph Doutaz from Epagny evokes the technique of "tavillonnage:" the making and laying of the "tavillons" with some shots of the works done in the last few years. Olivier Veuve from La Forclaz (Canton Vaud) talks about the "anseilles," which are laid in a different way." La Gruyère, 1989

Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
Quality award, (Swiss Federal Office of Culture)
Golden Devil, International Alpine Film Festival, Les Diablerets, Switzerland, 1989
Best Documentary Prize, International Festival of Films on Architecture and City Planning, Lausanne, 1989
First Prize, International Festival of Films on World Traditions, Saintes, France, 1992

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This film is also available as part of the Wood Crafts collection.

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