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The Joy of Youth

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From the Masters of the Balafon series
by Hugo Zemp
color, 70 min (plus 9 min of extras), 2002

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Among the Senufo people of northern Côte d'Ivoire, the balafon (xylophone with calabash resonators) is an emblematic musical instrument. The music of the balafon is a source of joy while the young men are doing collective work in the fields, at age-group ceremonies, for the poro initiatory society, for the catholic mass and during young people's dance evenings. Musicians and non-musicians, young and old, talk about the different occasions for which this instrument is an indispensable presence marking the rhythms of life for this agricultural people. Traditional balafon music is far from dying out, and its extraordinary vitality and importance are evident in the activities of the younger generations.

This DVD includes the extra feature:
Friendly Hoeing Competition (9 min)

Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
Fatumbi Prize, 21st Bilan du Film Ethnographique, Paris, 2002

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