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Jungle Secrets

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From the Video in the Villages series in the Video in the Villages collection
By Dominique Gallois, Vincent Carelli
color, 37 min, 1998

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In Jungle Secrets, Waiãpi Indians perform and narrate four tales about cannibal monsters. "We have made the video," say the Waiãpi, "to teach people to be more careful with monsters they never heard about. Even a white man can be eaten as he goes into the forest." Kanha Makui - the secret of the invisible. A monster gives a man a secret powder that can make him invisible, but once he drunkenly reveals the monster's secret, the powder loses its magic.

In "Akukusian," a cannibal monster takes revenge on some hunters who have been greedily killing howler monkeys, but their relatives kill Akukusian in return. "Aja Tapie" tells the story of a shaman who accidentally revives a monster from death; in return the monster gives him a magic arrow that can track game. "Anyrao" is about a monster that steals and eating children. Through the use of video cameras, costumes, props, masks and special effects, the Waiãpi real create real movie versions of the monsters their ancestors saw and feared.

Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
Silver Award, 20th Tokyo Video Festival, 1998
Vitral Award, national Org. of Video and Film of Cuba, 1998
VI Festival Americano de Cinema e Vídeo dos Povos Indígenas, Guatemala, 1999

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