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Kāle and Kāle

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by Stephanie Spray
color, 50 min, 2007
From the Sensory Ethnography Lab Series

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Kāle and Kāle portrays the subtle everyday interactions and relationships between an uncle and nephew, both nicknamed Kāle (pronounced kah-lay), and their families in rural Nepal.

Rather than adopt a conventional ethnographic approach, which might depict these individuals as representatives of a particular caste - in this case as itinerant musicians known as the Gāine - this piece aims to move beyond the didacticism that often informs documentary film by providing glimpses into the local lifeworlds these individuals inhabit. The roles they play within their families, in village society, and in neighboring communities are slowly disclosed through a series of discrete vignettes. Through the careful pacing of the scenes and the length of individual shots, this video also explores the experience of time and its passing in rural Nepal. The work invites the viewer to engage unhurriedly and sensorially with its subjects and their environment.

Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
American Anthropological Association/Society for Visual Anthropology Conference, New Orleans, LA, 2010
Contro-Sguardi: International Anthropological Film Festival, Perugia, Italy, 2010

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