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Love Iranian - American Style

by Tanaz Eshaghian
color, 63 min, 2006

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Sexual purity, money and a mother's worries come together in this humorous guided tour of America's status-obsessed Iranian Jewish community. The film follows Tanaz, the narrator, a hip New Yorker whose Iranian family attempts to marry her off now that she's reached the age of 25. Tanaz vacillates between soppy American ideas of romance, and a more business-like Iranian approach, and in the end may be unable to execute either.

Her mother was proud of her for going to college and being independent, but now that Tanaz remains single she fears that her daughter is too liberal, Americanized and confused. Trying to bring her back into the fold, her mom arranges dates with conservative Iranian suitors who expect Tanaz to be demure and virginal. Though she feels some shame about her transgressions, she is still repelled that a man would care about purity, especially after she encounters a doctor in Beverly Hills specializing in hymen reconstruction.

When Tanaz breaks from her family's expectations and dates American men, she can't help bringing with her the immense pressure to get married, and the American boys tell her that this obsession kills love. Tanaz fantasizes about simply finding another Iranian "weirdo" like herself - who is caught between two cultures and two very different marital traditions.

"Love Iranian-American Style provides a powerful insight to how family and culture influence how we live our lives and interact in our relationships... If you have ever had problems finding a lasting relationship, you can relate to her in her journey." — Elizabeth Stannard Gromisch, Feminist Review

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Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
New York Jewish Film Festival, January 2006
India International Women Film Festival, New Delhi, 2007
American Psychological Association Convention, Boston, 2008
Iranian Diaspora Film Screening, Philadelphia, PA, 2009
Iranian Diasporic Film Series, University of Leeds, UK, 2010

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