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Mystic Mass

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by Karim B Haroun
color, 70 min, 2014
in Arabic
with English or French subtitles

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Every year, thousands of Shia Muslims meet in the village of Nabatiyyeh in Lebanon to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, assassinated in 680 A.D. It is by far the most important religious event in the Shia faith, and leads to the formation of immense mass movements all around the world.

Mystic Mass documents the ceremony, and provides an exhaustive description of how the mass is formed, how it attains its highest mystical levels, and how it dissolves — all within a period of twenty four hours.

Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
Official Selection, DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, South Korea, 2015
Official Selection, ZagrebDox, Croatia, 2015
Official Selection, RIDM - Montreal International Documentary Festival, 2014
Official Selection, Visions du Réel, Switzerland, 2014

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