DER Documentary

No More Fun, No More Games

by Jacqueline Veuve
color, 25/15 min, 1974


In Cambridge, a suburban neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, a group of women have organized to better protect themselves against surroundings which are often hostile. The film's rhythmic alternation of karate scenes and reports by some of these women permits a better understanding of the specific attitude of American women in this time and place.

This DVD also includes Susan, a 15-minute short film, shot in 1974, about the female karate instructor seen in No More Fun, No More Games:

Susan, age 30, American, wrote her doctoral thesis in French about Marguerite Duras. She now teaches French, part-time, at Harvard University. In her spare time, she learned karate and now teaches it to other women. One quote from the dialogue: "I teach French at Harvard and I guess French is perfectly useless in today's world. I also teach karate to women and I know I'm teaching them something that might save their lives."

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