DER Documentary

Of Men and Gods (Des Hommes et Dieux)

by Anne Lescot and Laurence Magloire
in Creole with English subtitles
color, 52 min, 2002



A frank look at a largely unexplored area, Of Men And Gods examines the daily existence of several Haitian men who are openly gay.

Prevalent, yet still taboo, homosexuality and gay culture are allowed to flourish within the context of Haiti's Vodou religion. As "children of the gods," the men find an explanation for homosexuality as well as divine protection. They also find an outlet for theatrical expression through exhilarating performances in which they embody the gods. Meanwhile, the AIDS epidemic looms as a continual threat and adds a disquieting degree of nihilism to their relatively optimistic attitudes toward life and happiness in Port-au-Prince.

The filmmaker, Anne Lescot, is an anthropologist who has studied Haitian Vodou for 10 years. Laurence Magloire has been working in the field of television for 10 years.

Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
Chantal Lapaire Award, Vues d'Afrique, Montreal, Canada, 2002
The New York Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 2002
African Diaspora Film Festival, New York, 2002
Image & Nation - Montreal Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 2002
Cinéma sous les étoiles, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 2002
Black Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, San Fransisco, 2002
Ljubljana Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Slovenia, 2002
Brussels Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 2003
Pan African Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2003
The Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway, 2003
Festival Gay et Lesbien de Grenoble , France, 2003
Voices of Women Trophy for Activism, Courage, and Achievement in Film, Festival Dwa Famn, New-York, 2003
Turin International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Italy, 2003
Outtakes, New Zealand Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 2003
Brooklyn Arts Council 37th International Film and Video Festival, New York, 2003
Inside Out, Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival of Toronto, 2003
San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 2003
Black Harvest Film Festival, Chicago, 2003
First Annual Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania, 2004
Sex On Screen Film Festival, Seattle, 2004
Ex-Centris, Cinéma Parallèle, Montréal , 2003
University of Puerto Rico, Proyecto Atlantea, 2003
Batik Film Festival, Perugia, Italy, 2003
Sex On Screen Film Festival, Seattle, Washington, 2004
Queer Articulations, Princeton University, New Jersey, 2004
broadcast, Pridevision TV, Canada, 2004
Haiti on Screen Film Festival, New York University, 2004
Jakarta Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Indonesia, 2004
5th Czech Gay and Lesbian Film Festival MEZIPATRA 2004
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Greece, 2005
Isidore Award, Collectif HomoEdu & Festival Influences Caraïbes, Paris, 2007
Parfums Vodou, Forum for Visual Anthropology, Switzerland, 2008

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