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From the Indigenous Video Makers series in the Video in the Villages collection
By Caime Waiassé
color, 16 min, 1997

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Caime, a Xavante Indian, comments on the introduction of video documentation to his village, Pimentel Barbosa in Mato Grosso, Brazil. He recalls learning to use video equipment and becoming more selective with the images he chooses to record. His camera fills an educational role, teaching the whole village about ceremonies and hunting trips in which not everyone may participate. It also functions as a tool for self-evaluation, and as a collective memory aid in preserving important traditions. Video can communicate meetings between leaders that take place far away or record the idiosyncrasies of other cultures when a heavy metal band comes to visit the village. His role as a video-maker has allowed Caime to travel and experience other cultures.

Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2004
Festival du cinéma nordique, Rouen, France, 2005
"Vertical" Moscow International Adventure Film Festival, Russia, 2005
Catalonia International Environmental Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain, 2005
Fewa Film Festival, Pokhara, Nepal, 2005
Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival, Estonia, 2005
Green Film Festival, Seoul, Korea, 2005
Bicycle Film Festival, various US locations, 2005
Ecocinema, Athens, Greece, 2005
Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, Arizona, 2006
Andrea Morelli Special Prize, 54th Trento Film Festival, Italy, 2006
Celluloid Cycles, Canberra, Australia, 2006

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