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Our Territory (Our Lands)

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From the Indians in Brazil series in the Video in the Villages collection
By Vincent Carelli
color, 20 min, 2000

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Land rights are the principal source of tension between Indians and whites in Brazil. Conflicting concepts of ownership and use of resources mean that many white settlers believe that "the Indian has too much land." Our Territory records the individual battles of the Ashaninka, Baniwa, Kaingang and Kaiowas as they try to assure their cultural survival. Land demarcation helps to keep settlers out of Indian-protected areas, which also serve as vital forest reserves. However, government agrarian reforms can dispossess indigenous people of their home territory, destroying their collectivity and restricting the space needed to support a growing population. Most TV news about Indians in Brazil in the last 20 years has dealt with this problem, making land the issue that most shapes familiar perceptions of indigenous people.

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