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The Peace Patriots

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by Robbie Leppzer
color, 78 min, 2005

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An intimate portrait of American dissenters reflecting on their personal participation as engaged citizens in a time of war, The Peace Patriots chronicles the early protests against the U.S. invasion and military occupation of Iraq as seen through a diverse group of individuals, ranging in age from 14 to 75, including teenagers, college students, war veterans, teachers, clergy, and community activists, as they take part in vigils, marches, theater performances, and civil disobedience sit-ins. Featuring music by Steve Earle, Pete Seeger, Ani DiFranco, Billy Bragg, Jonatha Brooke and John Sheldon. Narrated by Janeane Garofalo.

The Peace Patriots takes the word 'patriotism' and gives it a rich positive meaning, removing it from the ugliness of war and nationalism, and restoring it's original idea as 'love of country.' It does this by showing us true patriots— those people who, with artistry and imagination, as well as deep moral commitment, have spoken and acted to end the war in Iraq. In a time of sadness, thinking of the dead and maimed on both sides, this film gives us hope and inspiration. I hope it will be shown widely.”
— Howard Zinn, Author of A People's History of the United States
The Peace Patriots beautifully demonstrates that ordinary people committed to peace and social justice can make a difference. Anyone feeling burned out from resisting the direction our government is headed in will get a shot of energy from this film.” — David Potorti, Director, September 11th Families For Peaceful Tomorrows
The Peace Patriots proved to be both inspirational and educational for our audience. The documentary left our audience feeling inspired that there were like-minded activists working for peace and justice in other communities around the United States. I wholeheartedly recommend this film for anyone who is interested in learning about the peace movement.” — Paul Lachapelle, Students for Peace and Justice, University of Montana

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