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Pleasing God Series

Pleasing God Series

by Ákos Östör, Allen Moore, Robert Gardner
Produced at the Film Study Center at Harvard University
color, 94 min, 1985

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The Pleasing God film series is comprised of three documentaries about how Hindus worship - Loving Krishna, about the worship of Krishna and the meaning of devotion; Sons of Shiva, a sustained attempt to film a four-day ceremony concerned with the worship of the God Shiva; and Serpent Mother, about devotion to the Goddess of Snakes and the importance of divine female power in West Bengal Indian life.

These films are studies of the devotional practices associated with three major deities of the Hindu pantheon. They were made in the small, historic town of Vishnupur, West Bengal - a town of temples, crafts and markets, the center of an old kingdom, and a place where daily life and worship are closely intertwined.

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