DER Documentary

Primate-Human Interaction

From the Primates series
by Anne Zeller
color, 10 min, 1997

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This short video intended to act as a catalyst for discussion of what roles primates can play in the lives of the people who share their habitat. Various different situations are examined such as predator, prey, pest, amusement and scientific study. In addition, the actual nature of inter-species communication is examined with video demonstrating instances of successful communication. These communicative modes include gaze direction, arm gestures, height differences and speed of movement. Three species are examined , the baboon, the blue monkey and the eastern lowland gorilla. These have different levels of impact on the local people and tend to be treated differently. This video would be useful for those interested in primate behavior, in environmental concerns, and in the nature of non verbal communication. Some scenes are repeated in slow motion in order to allow observation of fine details of behavior.

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