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Primate Patterns II

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From the Primates series
by Anne Zeller
color, 31 min, 1997

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This video compares 3 species of monkey, one prosimian and two types of apes, all living in a zoo setting. These are Japanese macaques, lion tail macaques, mandrills, black lemurs, orangutans and lowland gorillas. Each segment shows several minutes of footage with descriptions of common behavior such as eating, grooming, locomotion, play and social interactions. The narration provides a commentary for each species but the comparisons between them are left to the observer and can occur at several levels. These include comparisons of behavior as it relates to size and sexual dimorphism, or comparisons in terms of phylogenetic level, or comparisons of complexity based on group size or species differences. Because the animals are caged, visibility is better in the wild, but comparisons with some of the other videos taken in natural settings, may allow discussion of the possible influences of captivity on behavior. Of particular interest are the social interactions of adult orangutans.

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