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The Reindeer Queen:
Once the Richest Woman in Alaska – The True Story of Sinrock Mary

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by Maria Brooks
color, 28 min, 2000

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Sinrock Mary's life mirrors the turbulent times in the Arctic before the turn of the century during the Alaska Gold Rush. An Eskimo woman, she became the translator for captain 'Hell Roaring' Mike Healy of the ship Bear, a Revenue Cutter. With Captain Healy at the helm, the Bear transported the first Siberian reindeer to Alaska.

Through twists of fate, Sinrock Mary (Antisarlook) became the owner of the largest reindeer herd in the north and the wealthiest woman in the territory. The Eskimos called her Queen Mary, but the rum-runners, the ne'er-do-wells and the drifters from the Gold Rush connived to get control of her herd. The Reindeer Queen is the only documentary highlighting this renowned Alaskan Eskimo woman. Rare archival photographs, film footage and the shared memories of her granddaughters bring this remarkable story to life.

“Excellence in documentary film production contributing to cross cultural understanding” — Mead Festival Jury
“Creates a fascinating picture of Alaska.” Anchorage Daily News

Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
First Place, Gold Apple Award for Native American History from the National Educational Film and Video Festival, 2000
Margaret Mead Film Festival, NYC, 2000

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