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Screening Room Series

Screening Room Series

by Robert Gardner
color, 24 DVDs, 1972-1981

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Screening Room was a 1970s Boston television series that for almost ten years offered independent filmmakers a chance to show and discuss their work on a commercial (ABC-TV) affiliate station. The series was developed and hosted by filmmaker Robert Gardner (Dead Birds, Forest of Bliss), who was Chairman of the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies and Director of the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts at Harvard for many years.

This unique program dealt even-handedly with animation, documentary, and experimental film, welcoming such artists as Jan Lenica, John and Faith Hubley, Emile DeAntonio, Jean Rouch, Ricky Leacock, Jonas Mekas, Bruce Baillie, Yvonne Rainer and Michael Snow. Frequently, guests such as Octavio Paz, Stanley Cavell, and Rudolph Arnheim appeared as well. Many of the filmmakers presented on the show are now considered the most influential contributors to their respective fields of modern experimental film, documentary, and animation.

Nearly 100 programs were produced during the years Screening Room was broadcast. Recently, The Museum of TV and Radio in New York City offered to copy the two-inch master tapes that had been given to the Film Study Center. Twenty seven episodes have been edited for release as DVDs and are now available for purchase individually, in a set by category of animation, documentary, and experimental film, or as part of the complete series.

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The Screening Room Series:
Animation Collection
Robert Breer
George Griffin
John & Faith Hubley
Derek Lamb
Caroline Leaf & Mary Beams
Jan Lenica
Suzan Pitt
John Whitney Sr.
Documentary Collection
Les Blank
Emile de Antonio
Robert Fulton
Hillary Harris
Peter Hutton
Ricky Leacock
Alan Lomax
Richard P. Rogers
Jean Rouch
Experimental Collection
Bruce Baillie
James Broughton
Ed Emshwiller
Hollis Frampton
Standish Lawder & Stanley Cavell
Jonas Mekas
Yvonne Rainer
Michael Snow

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