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Sensory Ethnography Lab Series

Harvard Sensory Ethnography Lab series

by filmmakers from Harvard University's Sensory Ethnography Lab

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Harvard University's acclaimed Sensory Ethnography Lab (SEL) supports original non-fiction media practices that explore the fabric of human existence through innovative combinations of aesthetics and ethnography.  The film, video, and other works created in SEL are typically at an angle to the prevailing conventions of documentary and ethnographic film, and attend to the many dimensions of cross-cultural social experience and subjectivity that are inexpressible with words alone.  Experimenting in the interstices of art and anthropology, the works included in DER's SEL series represent an important new addition and expansion to the field of modern visual anthropology.

SEL is directed by anthropologist and artist, Professor Lucien Castaing-Taylor, and managed by anthropologist, phonographer, and musician Dr. Ernst Karel.

More information can be found on the Sensory Ethnography Lab's website:

“Straddling academia and the art house, Mr. Castaing-Taylor and his associates and students at the Sensory Ethnography Lab at Harvard have been responsible for some of the most daring and significant documentaries of recent years, works that — not incidentally — challenge the conventions of both ethnographic film and documentary in general.” — Dennis Lim, New York Times

Films in the Sensory Ethnography Lab Series
Demolition (Chaiqian) by JP Sniadecki (2007)
Kāle and Kāle by Stephanie Spray (2007)
Monsoon-Reflections by Stephanie Spray (2007)
On Broadway by Aryo Danusiri (2011)
Songhua by JP Sniadecki (2007)
Still Life by Diana Allan (2007)

Associated DER Filmmakers
Diana Allan
Aryo Danusiri
Alfred Guzzetti
JP Sniadecki
Stephanie Spray
Jeff Daniel Silva

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