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Sifakas of Madagascar

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From the Primates series
by Anne Zeller
color, 22 min, 1997

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Two very closely related species of sifaka are compared in this video in order to provide some detailed information about their behavior. The diademmed sifaka is very rare and has only recently been brought into captivity. This footage taken in its natural habitat is currently the only available material showing it in the wild. This species is compared with verreauxi's sifaka which is much more common and frequently filmed animals. Comparisons between these two similar species increase our understanding of the adaptive strategies of this type of lemur which is one of the largest remaining forms. Theverreauxi's sifaka is highly adapted to dry conditions and is shown feeding, locomoting and defending its territory from an incoming group. The pacing of this video is slow to allow the observer time to really look at this unusual animal and its highly unusual form of locomotion, which is vertical clinging and leaping between trees and bipedal dancing on the ground.

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