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The Sons of Eboshi

by Yasuhiro Omori
produced in association with the National Museum of Ethnology, Japan
color, 81 min, 1986

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Four young men take part in traditional coming-of-age Eboshi-Gi rites in Shizuhara, a village in Japan's Kyoto province. The Shinto cermony of Samurai origin marks the young men's passage into adulthood and initiates them into the local youth association. Families prepare for the Eboshi-Gi with extravagent banqueting and the young men practice the recitation of verses and gather symbolic decorations. Once initiated under the eyes of the whole village, the new members of the youth association must help in the preparations for the annual Spring Festival, which include making elaborate rice cakes and collecting money for the decoration of a portable shrine. On May 3rd, a procession carries the shrine in a spirit of blessing and celebration. Made in 1979, the film documents the deep respect for tradition still held in this area of modern Japan.

This film is also available as part of the Five Films by Yasuhiro Omori collection.

Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
Special Prize, 1986 Bilan Film Ethnographic, Paris, France

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