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The Sprouts of Capitalism in China

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From the China Film series
by Wen-jie Qin
color, 20 min, 1997

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This documentary tells the fascinating story of one of China's newly rich entrepreneurs, Yang Daquan, of Pengzhou City in Sichuan. Mr. Yang came from a rich gentry family and was given away as an infant when his family disintegrated at the beginning of the socialist era. He grew up in the countryside as a poor peasant and came to the city in the late 70's as a construction worker. After years of struggle he now owns a construction material plant and an ice cream factory, and is a major investor in the local real estate market. The film searches for the drives behind his determination for economic success and links his personal story to the turbulent history of China in the past several decades.

The story takes us into Mr. Yang's family. We are introduced to Mr. Yang's wife, who is a full partner in running the family businesses. We meet the couple's eight-year-old son, who attends an expensive private school that concentrates on teaching foreign languages. Scenes of the family reveal Mr. Yang's memories of the past and his dreams for the future.

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