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by Alessandra Pasquino and Robert Lemelson
color, 30 min, 2017


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Shot in the arid landscape of West Bali, Indonesia, Tajen, Balinese for cockfight, follows multiple narrative threads of this ancient spectacle — that of the blade, the rooster, the cockfighter. It is the moment when these elements come together during the bloody match that the real drama begins. With a richly sensory approach that embeds the viewer within the action of the arena, Tajen is a poetic visual evocation of the intimacy, brutality, and festivity of the fight. While neither approving nor decrying this tradition, the film immerses the viewer into the visual and auditory domains of steel, feathers, blood and the money that defines Tajen.

Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
Society for Visual Anthropology (SVA) Film & Media Festival, 2016
International Ethnographic Film Festival, 2016

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