DER Documentary

Tapir Distribution

From the Yanomamö series
by Timothy Asch and Napoleon Chagnon
color, 15 min, 1975

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The conflict shown in The Ax Fight disrupted the political stability in Mishimishimabowei-teri. Several days after the fight, Moawa, the most prominent headman in the village, killed a tapir and presented it to his brothers-in-law who comprise an important political bloc in the village. The gift of the animal served to reinforce his now shaken alliance with them. The film shows how the meat is prepared, cooked and distributed. The choice meat goes to the important men in the village, the scraps and fat go to the women and the children and, finally, the dogs move in for the scant leftovers. This film could be shown directly after The Ax Fight as a dramatic example of how sharing meat in a gift exchange can help socially and politically to smooth over problems and re-unite groups.

This film is included on the Yanomamö Shorts compilation DVD.

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