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The Rainy Season

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From the Indigenous Video Makers series in the Video in the Villages collection
By Isaac Pinhanta, Valdete Pinhanta, Tsirotsi Ashaninka, Llullu Manchineri, Maru Kaxinawá, Nelson Kulina, Fernando Katuquina and André Kanamari
color, 38 min, 2000

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Students in a workshop on the Amônia River in the Brazilian state of Acre make a video chronicle of their community. In the rainy season, the Ashaninka have no planting to do, and the flooded river restricts access to certain gardens. Hunting and fishing are more difficult, but there is still plenty of work. We see people making canoes, weaving baskets and spinning cotton for cloth. Munumuru palm is collected for food also to make soap, which can then be sold. The Ashaninka let their activities be dictated by seasonal change, accepting the rain with good humor.

Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
Voices of the Waters Festival, Bangalore, India, 2007
Manuel Diegues Júnior Award, 6th Mostra International Festival of Ethnographic Film, Rio de Janeiro, 2000

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