DER Documentary

The Street: A Film with the Homeless

by Daniel Cross
color, 78 min, 1996
produced by EyeSteelFilm and Necessary Illusions

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Made over 6 years, THE STREET is the result of the filmmakers' total immersion into the world of the homeless. It is a gutsy, raw, moving and intimate study of 3 homeless Montrealers. The unique approach is neither voyeuristic nor judgmental. Characters experience cycles of addiction and recovery, hope and despair - but rise above the street with a sense of dignity, humanity and community. Set in a context which sees our civil society disintegrating and the safety-net collapsing, THE STREET gets deep inside a very complex social issue, beyond mediated stereotypes. The film works to transcend the statistical and emotional haze which surrounds most public commentary on the homeless. THE STREET bridges the gap between compassion and action - between 'us' and 'them'. By concentrating on three individuals the film makes the 'homeless problem' a personal one, allowing audiences to experience the human side of homelessness. Are we all just only one step away from being claimed by the street?

"THE STREET has a raw, visceral force that draws in the viewer; the main characters, a desperate group, are never less than riveting." – Variety

Visit the filmmaker's website,, and, a website created for and by homeless Canadians.

Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
Federal Express People's Choice Awards for Most Popular Canadian Documentary & Special Jury Feature Award for Documentaries, Vancouver International Film Festival, 1996
Best Social Documentary, Vermont International Film Festival
Silver Hugo Award, Chicago Film Festival, Chicago, IL, 1998
Nomination for "Outstanding Canadian Documentary," Joan C. Chalmers Awards 1997
People's Choice Award as Most Popular Film & Nomination for "Best Feature," Hot Docs International Documentary Festival, 1997
Message to Man Film Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia
Galaway Film Fleadh, Ireland
Cork Film Festival, Ireland
Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Films, Argentina
Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival, Munich, Germany, 1997
Feature Competition, Mumbai International Film Festival, India
Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1996

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