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To Find the Baruya Story: An Anthropologist at Work with a New Guinea Tribe

by Allison and Marek Jablonko, and Stephen Olsson
color, 64 min, 1969/1982, digitally remastered 2011

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About the Digitally Remastered DVD Edition: A crucial segment of To Find the Baruya Story, missing from all previously distributed VHS and DVD versions of the film, was recently found on an original 16mm master print. This missing segment will be included in the new DVD edition!

The sequence — Godelier's visit to the women's menstrual huts and the subsequent decontamination ritual his male informants insisted that he undergo — is a key to understanding Godelier's ability to study both the men's and the women's worlds.

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This multi-faceted film, photographed in both 1969 and in Paris in 1982, illustrates an anthropologist's actual fieldwork methods and personal relationships among the Baruya, and provides an in-depth view of the Baruya's traditional salt-based economic system. The film follows Dr. Godelier as he explores the complexities of food production and the effects of new technologies. He comments: "I have to find and bring together the different pieces of Baruya culture... That's my job, to find the story."

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