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Tsundu: Becoming a Lama

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by Raju Gurung
color, 17 min, 1997

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Lobsang Tsundu is a 13 year old Tibetan boy living and studying to be a monk (Lama) in Kopan monastery, situated on a little hill at the edge of Katmandu valley. Following Tibetan tradition, Tsundu, the middle son, was chosen by his parents to be a monk. This documentary offers a glimpse into Tsundu's daily life at the monastery and his interaction with his family at home, his understanding of monastic life, and his family's thoughts about his life the future. Narration is in the words and voices of Tsundu, his family members, and the abbot of Kopan monastery. This documentary will be of interest to students in middle and high school classes which have a multicultural focus; students of Asian studies, religion, and anthropology; and students of Tibetan Buddhism.

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