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Video Cannibalism

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From the Video in the Villages series in the Video in the Villages collection
By Vincent Carelli
color, 17 min, 1995

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The Video in the Villages project introduces video among the Enauênê Nauê Indians, a group still isolated in the north of Mato Grosso. The 10th group to have been visited by the project, these Indians are very extroverted and respond with surprising, high-spirited performances. Enauênê men often make a joke out of nudity and enjoy watching themselves on video - although women tend to be shyer of being on TV. In addition to clowning around, Enauênê use the camera to record a re-enactment of an attack they have recently suffered at the hands of their neighbors, the Cinta-Larga. Video Cannibalism also documents a sexualized Enauênê harvest myth in a light-hearted animated sequence. Having become accustomed to watching movies on video such as Dances With Wolves, the Enauênê decide to produce their own. Their movie tells a story about a clash between themselves and white prospectors, and the Enauênê act, direct and even use special effects - such as tomato sauce to look like blood.

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