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Vineyard Chronicle (Chronique Vigneronne)

by Jacqueline Veuve
color, 84 min, 1999

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How does one make wine from grapes? Following the rhythm of the four seasons of a wine grower's year, Vineyard Chronicle shows us the work, the worries and the joys of a family of wine growers and producers, the Potterats of Lavaux, Switzerland. Three generations who live and work together, keeping up old-time traditions.

Techniques may have changed and know-how may have improved, but the pitched region of Lavaux has seen relatively little mechanization due to the small size of the holdings. The love of a job well done is what sets these "gardeners of the vine" apart, with their delight in healthy grapes and the need to see and touch what they produce.

“Despite its useful side, Vineyard Chronicle has not turned into a didactic film. Particularly, because of the portraits of the men of the region of Epesse, people who only give us the details of their chores one tiny facet at a time, quizzed by the movie maker more about the disappearance of an archaic rural way of life, in its relationship to nature and seasons.” — Andreas Furler, Tages-Anzeiger

Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards
Quality award (Swiss Federal Office of Culture)
4th prize International Oenovideo Films
Château de Chatagnereaz Award
Shown abroad by Pro Helvetia

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