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Waiting for Cambodia

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by David A. Feingold and Shari Robertson
color, 58 min, 1988

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Since the fall of the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime in 1979, Cambodia has struggled to find its uniqueness and rebuild its society. Waiting For Cambodia features interviews and discussions with a variety of citizens, many of who represent a face of change and hope, and many who remain dedicated to the Khmer Rouge ideology. Images of cultural beauty are displayed through ritualistic dance and song, serving as a powerful accompaniment to the rough images of conflict. The attempts to regain culture, individual rights, and freedom are prevalent themes within the film, and footage of Cambodian relief camps and liberation organizations are displayed as efforts of change.

Regardless, the plight to re-create a sense of identity has been rough, as global support as been minimal. Ninety percent of Cambodians are considered to be displaced persons, and many camps are limited in resources and overcrowded. Many questions continue to plague Cambodia, and the lack of a positive leader may prove to be the heart of the issue. In a time where a country's individuality is on the line, Waiting For Cambodia explores the highs and lows of the Cambodian dilemma, and the various paths to travel in order to regain its identity.

Suitable for students in middle-school and up, and those with an interest in Asian Studies, Conflict and/or War, Politics, Rural, Village & Urban Life, Gender Roles, and History.

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