DER Documentary

A Week of Sweet Water

by Peter Adamson
co-produced by the B.B.C. and UNICEF
color, 40 min, 1985

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In the Sahel region of West Africa along the southern edge of the Sahara, drought and famine are feared above other things. In 1973-74 over 200,000 people slowly starved to death during the Great Sahel Drought. Now, drought conditions have once again brought the world's attention to the plight of those living at the edge of starvation. Even with yearly rains, millions of people struggle to grow enough food to make one harvest stretch to the next. Among them are Minata and Bouremia, a couple from the village of Somiaga in Upper Volta, who re-enact their story in this award-winning film.

A Week of Sweet Water touchingly depicts the complex decision-making process which men must endure to provide for their families, which women must face as they decide for the futures of their children, and which the community must consider as they work to develop their land for the greatest benefit.

"The coverage of the drought is excellent; the tragedy is not underplayed, but the Mossi are not merely presented as hopeless objects of pity. In fact the resurgence of Mossi self-help schemes and cooperative projects - specifically dam building - is a welcome feature." — K.P.Vickery for CHOICE magazine

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