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Yanomamö Shorts

2-DVD set of 17 films
from the Yanomamö series
color, 139 min, 1968-1975
digitally remastered in 2007
by Timothy Asch and Napoleon Chagnon

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These DVDs combine 17 short Yanomamo films in a 2007 re-mastered/authored compilation which contains additional background information about the series.

Disc One

Contains all previously released titles:
Arrow Game
Children's Magical Death
A Father Washes His Children
A Man and His Wife Weave a Hammock
Weeding the Garden
Climbing the Peach Palm
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Disc Two

Collects eight previously unreleased short films from the series. They only exist as what Asch called "slopticals," duplicated workprints with optical tracks that he assembled in order to receive feedback from fellow filmmakers. Although they lack narration or translated subtitles, they show many interesting aspects of social life:

Dedeheiwä Rests in His Garden (6 min)
The warmth of adult-child interaction is shown as children play with the resting Dedeheiwä.

Children Roasting Meat (5 min)
Several children sit and play together. One roasts meat and bananas over a small fire.

A Woman Spins (8 min)
A woman reclines in the shade, spinning while a baby tries to play with her thread.

Children Make a Toy Hammock (7 min)
While running around and playing, a few children work on a smaller version of the hammocks their parents make.

Sand Play (19 min)
Boys and girls aged four to seven sit in a tight circle and play around a sand pile.

Playing in the Rain (8 min)
Children and adults play tug of war in the rain.

Mouth Wrestling (5 min)
Teenagers wrestle over a wad of tobacco.

Young Shaman (10 min)
A young shaman, still an initiate, gets sick and loses control on the hallucinogen ebene.

Other films in the Yanomamö series:
The Ax Fight
Bride Service
The Feast
Jaguar, a Yanomamo Twin Cycle Myth
Magical Death
A Man Called Bee: Studying the Yanomamo
Moonblood: A Yanomamo Creation Myth
Myth of Naro, as told by Dedeheiwä
Myth of Naro, as told by Kaobawä
New Tribes Mission
Ocamo is My Town
Yanomamö: A Multidisciplinary Study
Yanomamö of the Orinoco

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